Annual Giving Donors


The following is a list of our annual fund supporters. We have made every effort to maintain accurate records of donors. If however we have inadvertently made a mistake, please accept our apologies and kindly let us know so that we may correct the error.


Ann Griffith Ash


Helen Kleberg Groves
Elizabeth and Kiran Jayaram



Stefanie & Brett Alvheim
Cari and Mark Richter
Jill Torbert



Mark Remmington


Sara Aceves
Katie and Kurt Meissner
Greg and Inga Salyers


Charles Cheever


Monica and Bryan Cox

                             $100 and below


Violet Alvheim

Anna and Doug Barber

Nancy Billups

Diane and Robert Burns

Victoria Catala and Enrique Romero

Paula and James Callaway

Thomas Cribbs

Kathy Croy

Kelly and Carl Fellbaum

Kierstan and Brent Fessler

Carolyn and Richard Fessler

Barbara and Michael Gentry

Libby and Steve Golden

Lisa and Steve Hartofelis

Juliana Hill

Sonja and Thomas Hirsch

Lola Knox

Sherry Kuharich

Madelon and Charles R. Leone

Tracy Navarro

Sharon Nelson

Lilian Beth McMahon

Edward C. Richter

Anabel and Fidel Rodriguez

Marium Steele

Ann and Dennis Tarrillion

Anonymous donor

Shannon and Craig Wingrove

Mary and Will Worthen