Preferred School of Ballet San Antonio


Studio of Choice

San Antonio’s only professional ballet company, Ballet San Antonio, has designated The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas as its “Preferred School” for developing serious young dancers.  This distinction is unique, essentially entrusting us with the responsibility of growing local talent that facilitates the future of ballet.  We take this responsibility seriously, and it starts with our commitment of being the studio of choice for the finest ballet instruction in the region for all ages to pursue their individual dreams and goals.  And for those that have the desire, our relationship with Ballet San Antonio creates a conduit to become a professional dancer.

This commitment is manifest in our Artistic Director, Marieli Guardiola Pope.  An accomplished professional dancer herself, Marieli has created advanced curriculum and has developed our faculty to deliver consistent, challenging instructional experiences.  In fact, many of our faculty members are Ballet San Antonio professional dancers.

Best-in-class Instructors

Ballet San Antonio also appreciates our commitment to ensuring our instruction is best-in-class; we invest in the continued development of our faculty.  For example, in August 2012, Marieli Guardiola Pope and Dede Barfield attended Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s Teacher Workshop taught by one of the nation’s foremost instructors of classical ballet, Marcia Dale Weary.

Collaborative Performances

Instruction, however, is only part of the experience at The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas. Quality performance opportunities are crucial for developing the aspiring dancer, and our partnership with Ballet San Antonio elevates these opportunities through meaningful performance collaborations. For example, our Spring Company performance, Synergy 2012, contained pieces choreographed by Ballet San Antonio’s Artistic Director Gabriel Zertuchi and featured some of their dancers partnering with our Company dancers.  Similarly, many of our dancers will be performing in Nutracker and other Ballet San Antonio performances.

Not all our students want to become professionals.  That’s OK.  Our curriculum and performance opportunities can meet the needs of each dancer in pursuing their individual passion while fostering confidence and character.  And what a thrill it is for any dancer to work with and see some of their professional idols in our studio!